Allergy season?

Is it just me or did allergy season start early this year? Can anybody suggest the best over the counter medicine?  I mostly suffer from stuffy nose and constant headaches.  I was tested for COVID -

Apr 16 2020 | 1 | by fonzy
Do Allergy Shots Work?

Hello. I am a college runner and have been running for several years now. I have asthma (not too severe) induced by allergies and it has been affecting my for several years now. I have gone to the all

Mar 30 2020 | 1 | by runner12
Allergy Shots

I'm allergic to almost everything: trees, grass, dogs, cats and so on. My doctor has recommended allergy shots to me for years, but I've alwyas been hesitant because it seems like a lot going to get t

Jan 14 2020 | 2 | by aaaabracadabra

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