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What Are The Signs Of Dementia?

by: kjh

Many people wonder about the signs of dementia as well as its symptoms. Since dementia is not a specific disease, its si...

Memories of Cliff Robertson: How Being Humble Helps Your Life

by: kjh

Cliff Robertson was a prolific actor who worked in film, television, and theatre. He worked with Jane Fonda in “Sunday...

Is A Deviated Septum Covered By Insurance?

by: kjh

You may have friends who say they had a deviated septum so they needed plastic surgery.  But then you wonder to yoursel...

Can A Deceased Man Become A Father?

by: kjh

Not many people think about the notion of a deceased man being able to be a father.  But postmortem sperm retrieval is ...

Teenager Zach Didier's Death From A Fentanyl Laced Pill

by: kjh

Zachary Didier was a seventeen-year-old boy from Rocklin, CA who lost his life after buying pills that he did not know w...

The Small Wonders Foundation and Pediatric Surgery

by: kjh

One little girl named Alexis LaGrega was very fortunate to be in contact with the Small Wonders Foundation, which helps ...

Can You Remove Silicone Injections?

by: kjh

You’ve probably heard about silicone injections for cosmetic enhancement.  There are many cases where people have had...

FDA Approves Eli Lilly's Drug Olumiant For Alopecia

by: kjh

Those who suffer from Alopecia will be happy to know that the Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug called Ol...

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