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The Benefits of Morpheus8

by: kjh

Morpheus8 by Inmode is a radiofrequency device that uses fractional technology to help remodel the s...

Can Genetic Factors Lead To A Longer Life?

by: kjh

Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Institute for Aging Research has been performing a study to he...

Can Antipsychotic Drugs Increase Breast Cancer?

by: kjh

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that many commonly p...

Can Wearing Heels Change The Shape Of The Foot?

by: kjh

Regular use of high heels can cause structural changes to the foot, leading to conditions that requi...

Jan Chorlton: Losing Your Love To Alzheimer’s

by: kjh

Jan Chorlton Petersen was a beautiful, accomplished journalist. She worked for CBS News, CNN, Voice of America, and ABC ...

Are You Thinking About A Facelift?

by: kjh

If you are thinking of getting a facelift, there are many things to consider. Facelifts typically la...

Hope For Brain And Spinal Cord Repair

by: kjh

At the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK there has been a lot of promising news a...

How To Condition Yourself for Skiing

by: kjh

Are you heading to the slopes to ski?  Skiing is fun, good for your health, and offers great scenery.  But jumping in ...

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