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University of Miami Receives A Large Donation for Physical Therapy Students

by: kjh

The University of Miami has one of the most highly regarded Physical Therapy departments in the U.S.  Recently the Univ...

Michael J. Fox's Humanitarian Award for Parkinson's Disease

by: kjh

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian A...

A Pregnant Firefighter Saves Her Baby And Others

by: kjh

Megan Warfield was nine months pregnant when she was involved in a multi-car accident in Maryland.  As a firefighter, s...

Make-up Is On The Rise But Is It Safe?

by: kjh

During COVID a lot of people stopped wearing make-up or wore much less.  But now make-up is on the rise, especially fun...

Is An Implantable Lens Right For Your Eyes?

by: kjh

The FDA has approved a permanent implantable lens.  What is it and is it right for you? According to the FDA, the EVO/E...

Urgent Care for Orthopedics

by: kjh

Have you heard of urgent care for orthopedics?  In St. George Utah a new Ortho Urgent Care has been opened at Intermoun...

Hope For Aggressive Lung Cancer

by: kjh

Lu Wang, PhD is an assistant professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at Northwestern University.  What he and ...

How To Overcome A Phobia

by: kjh

  Fear of leaving home. Otherwise known as agoraphobia, many people are genuinely afraid to be alone outside o...

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