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Medications That May Cause Heart Failure

by: kjh

According to Dr. Ramdas Pai, clinical professor at the University of California-Riverside School of Medicine, there are medications that may cause hea...

Leona Helmsley: Can You Put Your Dog in Your Will?

by: kjh

Back in 2007 Leona Helmsley, billionaire hotelier, left $12 million to her dog, Trouble. She also left instructions for her dog to be buried next to h...

New Hope for Acne? HT-003 Treatment

by: kjh

There is exciting research being done at Hoth Therapeutics in conjunction with Weil Cornell Medicine.  Those suffering from acne will be glad to know...

The New Artificial Kidney: UCLA Doctor Ira Kurtz

by: kjh

Dr. Ira Kurtz and others at UCLA Health are in the process of developing an amazing device that could save the lives of so many people waiting for a k...

Knee Osteoarthritis and Surgery

by: kjh

According to the Noyes Knee Institute, in 2005, approximately 27 million adults in the U.S. had osteoarthritis (in either the knees, hips, hands, or s...

Susan Lucci and

by: kjh

Actress Susan Lucci remembers feeling a tightness in her chest but she thought maybe she was just tired.  Another time she felt pain radiating around...

Is Changing Your Eye Color Dangerous?

by: kjh

The risks of permanently changing one’s eye color with surgery include loss of cornea, cataracts, inflammation inside of the eye, and a severe form ...

Can Cancer Cells Be Transferred From Mother to Baby?

by: kjh

In Japan, two infants who were born to mothers with cervical cancer may have developed lung cancer. Researchers at the National Cancer Center in Japan...

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