Privacy Policy

What Data do we Collect?

We collect the following data from users:

  • First name and last name
  • Email address

Why do we Collect this Data?

We collect data from users for security and logistical purposes. We do not sell the data or provide it to any parties outside of the SurgeryFix site. We use the data to know who is using the site, and to protect against fraud and other malevolent activities.

How do we Collect the Data?

All of the data is collected when users create an account on the site.

Who has Access to my Data?

Only administrative SurgeryFix employees can view user data. This means that writers, editors, and contributors do not have access to user data.

How will I Know if These Policies Change?

Any significant updates will be updated to all users within 72 hours of the release of the update. Users will not be notified of minor changes including, but not limited to, grammatical changes, page restructuring, and the addition of minor topics.

Who Can I Contact for more Questions about Privacy?

Please visit the Contact Us page if you are concerned about privacy. We reserve the right to deny access to data we collect in the case of fraud, but are willing to work with you if you have a legitamate cause for concern.

*Privacy Policy may be Updated whenever Necessary