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Allergic Reactions to Skin Products

Allergy & Immunology

Feb 05 2021 | 1 | by Bethcallie

18670login-checkAllergic Reactions to Skin Products

I recently bought an expensive jar of skin cream hoping to even out my skin texture and diminish wrinkles. But I woke up with a horrible reaction and my skin is bright red, especially near my eyes. Also, my face is really puffy and I look a thousand years old. I have been putting ice on my face and especially under my eyes where it is swollen. I also put some Aquafor on the dry areas.

The main ingredient was Alpha Hydroxy acid although I can’t be sure that’s what gave me a reaction. The product I tried got almost universally 5-star reviews so it is hard to tell if I am the only one with a reaction or if it is indeed that product that caused the reaction.

From now on, I am going to be extra careful when ordering skin cream and only order a sample or small jar to see if it works with me. I also noticed that when I went to the Walmart website to buy my favorite cosmetics, they post a Proposition 65 warning about chemicals in the product that can expose you to cancer. This is posted for California residents (Prop 65) so they might post it for everyone to see. I had no idea that one of my favorite skin products had ingredients in it that can potentially cause cancer.

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15 days ago

I know what you mean – I have bought a lot of expensive creams only to find out they do not work well with my skin. If you go to a dermatologist, you can probably get a prescription with a steroid for your rash and puffiness. Believe it or not, zinc oxide works too and you can buy it in the baby section because it is used for diaper rash (Desitin).

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