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Rhinoplasty For The Aging Nose

Plastic Surgery

Dec 23 2022 | 0 | by Josie

2561750login-checkRhinoplasty For The Aging Nose

I think that one of the things that people overlook when they’re trying to look younger is the nose. I looked at a lot of pictures and my nose looked bigger than when I was younger. The reason it looks bigger according to my doctor is that the cartilage and bone doesn’t hold the nose up as well and it looks wider or bigger. Also, the skin gets thicker and the texture looks worse. That’s called a bulbous nose and I’m sure you’ve seen those kinds of noses in pictures. So when I looked at pictures, I had a droopy red big looking nose and it aged me a lot.

I got rhinoplasty and I am so happy with the results. It was a small tweak and it looks so much better. If anyone wants to look younger, remember your nose ages just like everything else. I highly recommend rhinoplasty.

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