Scars After A Facelift

I had a facelift and I am very happy about the results. I notice in general as I’ve gotten older that people look for scars to see if I’ve had a facelift. This happened even before I had a facelif

Sep 03 2022 | 1 | by ClaireH
How Painful Are Lip Injections?

In my experience with lip injections, I really feel that a lot of the discomfort has to do with the person who performs the procedure. Hyaluronic acid fillers come with a numbing medication but often

Oct 07 2021 | 0 | by JL
Surgery for Aging Elbows?

A friend of mine once commented to me that the way he can tell if a woman is older is if she has “wrinkled elbows.” I asked him what old elbows look like. He said that when elbows age, they get cr

May 08 2020 | 1 | by Astrid29