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A Pregnant Firefighter Saves Her Baby And Others

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22 Nov 2022 | 0 | by kjh

2561530login-checkA Pregnant Firefighter Saves Her Baby And Others

Megan Warfield was nine months pregnant when she was involved in a multi-car accident in Maryland.  As a firefighter, she was accustomed to helping others first.  So when Megan noticed that others were hurt, she got out of her car to help direct traffic. But then she saw a car overturned.  She climbed into the car and held onto the victim to keep her in place.  She wasn’t sure of the victim’s injuries and she tried to keep her calm.

Paramedics arrived so Megan was able to take care of herself. She decided to go to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to get herself checked out. The accident had induced labor and as it turned out her baby had been knocked into a traverse (or sideways) position.  All turned out well though and her baby was born healthy.  

Megan remembers terrible cramping but she helped others anyway.  The funny thing is that one of the first responders on the scene was her boyfriend, Joshua Daugherty.

The fire department where Megan Warfield works is proud to have her as a member of their team.  

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