If you are considering plastic surgery, you have some decisions to make. Board certification allows you to ensure that a physician will meet safety requirements and has the medical skills.

What makes a good plastic surgeon?

Plastic Surgery

14 Mar 2020 | 0 | by kjh

10170login-checkWhat makes a good plastic surgeon?

You probably see ads all the time for plastic surgery.  TV appearances where doctors promote their services, ads on the internet, special deals on Groupon, even billboards and banners.  Do the really good plastic surgeons need to advertise that heavily? While the best plastic surgeons do need to get their name out there, beware of doctors with huge specials, full-page magazine ads, and billboards.  Doctors who advertise heavily probably really need the business. Let’s say you do find a doctor who seems to be good based on your discussions with him/her and your visit to the office. Check your doctor’s medical record to see if there are any complaints or malpractice.  Go to the Federation of State Medical Boards website (FSMB).

Another good idea:  make sure your doctor is board certified in plastic surgery.  Many doctors try to be plastic surgeons in order to make extra money.  If you have a facelift with a dermatologist, ask him if he is board certified in plastic surgery, not dermatology.  Do an internet search on your doctor and don’t just look on the 1st page. Sometimes there are lawsuits or newspaper articles that are found only by continuing to search.  If your doctor has been sued, there is a good chance you will find the lawsuit on the internet.  

What about reviews?  It’s great if a doctor has good reviews but the main thing to look for is bad reviews.  That’s because bad reviews are often not fake unless someone is trying to ruin the doctor’s business.  Look at the doctor’s response if there is one. If the doctor says that the person mixed up their practice with someone else, look into it further.

Ask your doctor if you can see pictures of his work.  Ask if you can talk to someone on whom he has operated. Many doctors have patients who are happy to talk with prospective patients.  The best doctors are often careful about whom they choose for surgery. If your doctor is super aggressive and tries to get you to sign up right away, it’s a bad sign.  A good surgeon will only work on patients that he/she feels will have a good outcome. Ask your doctor how long he/she has been in business. Where does the doctor have hospital rights?  And lastly, this is not the time to go to the “cheapest” doctor just to get a good deal. While you shouldn’t overpay for plastic surgery, you should get multiple quotes and go with the doctor whom you feel is the best at a reasonable price.


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