What If You Can’t Pay for Surgery?

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25 Jan 2020 | 0 | by kjh

8950login-checkWhat If You Can’t Pay for Surgery?

A doctor in Nebraska has a solution if you can’t afford to pay for surgery.

Dr. Demetrio Aguila is allowing patients to pay off their medical bills with hours of volunteer work.  He set up a time-based system of billing that allows his clinic to set reasonable and predictable prices.  Then he can determine how much volunteering a patient would complete in order to pay for their medical expense.  Dr. Aguila founded the program to help eliminate debt for those who can’t pay. The doctor partners with charitable organizations to give patients the option to choose the charity that works for them. About 10% of Dr. Aguila’s patients qualify for the program.  Dr. Aguila’s website is HealingHandsofNebraska.com

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