Victims Of Surgeon Sam Eljamel

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19 Nov 2023 | 1 | by kjh

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Many people in Scotland are wondering why a surgeon named Sam Eljamel was allowed to harm dozens of patients at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland until December 2013, when he was suspended.  There he was the head of neurosurgery and the stories from patients are heartbreaking. Yet, Sam Eljamel was allowed to leave the country and is thought to be working as a surgeon in Libya.  Still today patients are hopeful that the Scottish government will hold the health board accountable so that future surgeons cannot harm patients the way that Sam Eljamel did.

Many patients of Sam Eljamel were left with permanent injuries.  Leann Sutherland is one of those patients.  She was just 21 years old when she was operated on by Sam Eljamel not just once but seven times.  Leann was told that surgeon Eljamel would remove a small part of her skull to alleviate pressure relating to migraines. He told her he would use a new glue to seal the wound. However, it did not seal properly.  The wound burst open and the brain fluid started to pour out of the back of her neck.  Leann told the BBC that the next day her hospital bed was soaked with spinal fluid.  She collapsed when she got up to use the bathroom. She still suffers today from constant pain.  She uses crutches to walk and has a tube called a shunt through her body controlling her spinal fluid.

Jules Rose was another patient harmed by Sam Eljamel, who removed her tear duct instead of a brain tumor.  She says that many patients feel anger and frustration that Mr. Eljamel has fled the country.  There is an ongoing police investigation.  Scotland does have extradition procedures in place with countries such as Libya.

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