Dr. Karen Jackson Fentanyl Death

Dr. Karen Jackson’s Death From Fentanyl


24 Dec 2022 | 0 | by kjh

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If you watch Dr. Karen Jackson’s sister talk about Karen’s death from fentanyl poisoning, you will break down. That’s because of the sadness that it brings to all the families and friends of those who lose a loved one to fentanyl. Karen Jackson was a doctor and a minister who could not beat her addiction to fentanyl.  She did get help with rehab but she relapsed.  She was born in 1964 and died in 2022.

Katrice Galloway, Karen’s sister talks about the experience and how it affected her.  She is a federal probation officer so she could see what was going on.  The drug took over her sister’s life.  When she couldn’t get more pills from doctors, she got them elsewhere which is dangerous.  Katrice explains how her sister initially got opioids for knee and back pain.  She had a physiological addiction and then she needed more drugs.

Fentanyl addiction can happen to anyone.  It doesn’t have to be a certain type of person: it can be young, old, or someone strong like Karen Jackson who many would not have expected to become addicted.

Karen Jackson died of fentanyl, alcohol, Xanax, and hydrocodone. The death was ruled as an overdose from substance abuse.  Her sister went through grief counseling.  

The story was recorded during the DEA Family Summit on Opioid Overdose and Fentanyl Poisoning.  It was documented by Texas Pictures Documentaries.

To connect with a counselor visit 988lifeline.org/chat

Remember, taking a pill not purchased from a licensed pharmacy can be a deadly decision.  Not all pills are real.  For more information visit:  DEA.gov/Onepill


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