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Why I Like Aquatic Therapy

Physical Medicine & Rehab

Oct 06 2022 | 0 | by LRuiz

2560900login-checkWhy I Like Aquatic Therapy

There are many different forms of physical therapy but I like aquatic therapy the best. I have a bad back and I probably need surgery. But until then or maybe never (hopefully) I prefer to ease the pain with aquatic therapy. My doctor and insurance approved aquatic therapy so I went to a pool every week and was guided by a physical therapist. The water is warm and relaxing. One of the things I like most is that it is not a weight-bearing exercise so it doesn’t put pressure on my joints.

I have since joined a group and we swim and exercise together. It’s not only a fun social activity but it really helps me with my pain. I would recommend it to anyone. If you can find a saltwater pool that is really nice too.

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