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What I Learned From Golfer’s Elbow


Feb 11 2022 | 1 | by BryceW

2557740login-checkWhat I Learned From Golfer’s Elbow

If I could start all over again, I would say that what is important when learning a sport is to get advice and guidance from a professional. I say that because I was stubborn when I first started playing golf and came up with my own style. I overused my wrists in my swing when I should have been properly aligned and used my core body strength.

I developed golfer’s elbow which really means repetitive usage and stress to the tendon. Golfer’s elbow is painful for sure. You also feel weaker like if you have to grab a doorknob or make a fist. Once I felt that I was a little stronger I started lifting weights and doing strength training. I work on flexing my wrists. That has helped my game.

I took a break from golf for a while before I started strength training and getting back in the game. I hired a professional to help me with my form. I think the pain motivated me to get advice from a professional. I iced my elbow, rested and took anti-inflammatory medicine and I think it has helped. I would recommend physical therapy also.

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1 year ago

That sounds so familiar…

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