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The Dangers Of Drowning

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Nov 26 2022 | 0 | by Leroy

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A few years ago, my son’s best friend went on a vacation at the beach. He never came back. We received news that he had drowned. He was in his 20s and he had just started a career and was planning to get married. There is a danger of drowning in many areas, but it is definitely common at the beach. Large waves, rip tides, lifeguards who are overwhelmed with summer beach visitors, and often alcohol play a part during summer vacation.

But there are many other incidents all over the news. In 2020, the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Maeve McKean, drowned along with her 8-year-old son, Gideon in Maryland. They were playing kickball when the ball went into the water. They got into a canoe to retrieve the ball and somehow got pushed by wind or tide into the open bay. It was a clear day and there was no sign that their canoe would be forced into windy waters since they were in a protected, shallow cove.

Actress Naya Rivera died while boating on a California lake. She was able to get her 4-year-old son to safety but she drowned after crying for help. Water can seem safe and then it can deceive you depending on the conditions.

Here are some statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

More children ages 1–4 die from drowning than any other cause of death. For children ages 5–14, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death after motor vehicle crashes. Drowning injuries can cause brain damage and other serious outcomes, including long-term disability.

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