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Should you take CPR classes before you have kids?


Nov 06 2023 | 0 | by Arnelle

2568240login-checkShould you take CPR classes before you have kids?

There were many things that friends and family told me to do as I was getting ready for the birth of my child. For instance, supplies to buy, the right bedding for the nursery, toys, and general advice on lack of sleep, how to hold the baby, etc. But one thing nobody told me was to take a CPR class. So when I had my baby I was nervous but in general I think I did a pretty good job. That was, until my baby seemed to be choking. I was terrified. I felt so helpless and I wasn’t sure what to do. I remembered watching T.V. and I tried to copy what I saw on T.V. I was able to help my little girl and she was OK. But I thought about how bad it was that I didn’t know any CPR, especially for babies and small children.

I ended up taking a CPR class. It was hard because I had a baby at home so I would recommend taking the class or classes before you have children when you have more time. It is so important because even if your child is just coughing or you have any doubt about breathing, you will feel much more confident and you will know what to do. I recommend a first aid class and CPR for anyone! Your friend, family member, etc. can faint, fall, burn themselves at any time and you will know what to do. Classes are offered all the time and you can practice with experts around you who will tell you how to react in an emergency.

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