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Should you switch antidepressant medication?


Apr 16 2020 | 3 | by Belle

12090login-checkShould you switch antidepressant medication?

I was on the antidepressant Effexor and doing really well. Then I felt like I was gaining weight so I asked my doctor to switch my antidepressant to Wellbutrin because I had read that it helps with weight loss. She immediately said yes and then she said she didn’t have any appointments for a few months so she would see me then. The problem is that I was also going through a terrible time in my life. I had lost my job and I was going through a divorce. She did say that Wellbutrin doesn’t help with anxiety and I have a lot of anxiety. I asked her what to do about anxiety and she just said to take a blood pressure reduction medicine to stay calm. She would not give me any anxiety medicine like valium because she said it’s addicting.

The Wellbutrin did not agree with me and I had serious suicidal thoughts. It may have been because my psychiatrist didn’t give me anxiety medicine as well. It did state on the directions that there are suicidal tendencies with Wellbutrin but not in my age group. Anyway, I stopped taking the medicine and I called my internist this time instead of my psychiatrist. She switched me back to Effexor and I am fine.

But I think that it was wrong of my psychiatrist to switch my medication without a swift follow up. I am not sure if Wellbutrin didn’t work for me due to anxiety or because I was going through so much at the time. But I prefer to see my internist over my psychiatrist who really couldn’t be bothered with how I feel.

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30 days ago

Sounds like the psychiatrist was incompetent. Different medicine works for different people but the fact that she didn’t follow up with you is unprofessional. Also since you were going through such a tough time she could have recommended a therapist if she wasn’t available. She can lose her license with that kind of behavior.

3 years ago

You should see a new psychiatrist. Get a specialist’s opinion. You may have to go through several psychiatrists before you find the one that works well with you.

3 years ago

I have several friends who are on Wellbutrin and really like it. Sometimes your body takes a while to get used to it. But if you had suicidal thoughts it’s good you stopped it right away. Your psychiatrist should have followed up with you sooner since you were going through so much. I’ve found that some psychiatrists get burned out because they see so many people with problems all day. My psychiatrist always looks bored when I’m talking. Also, one time I went to his office and he told me not to sit down until he sprayed the couch. He said the previous patient was “malodorous.” I didn’t feel so great knowing the previous person smelled and was sitting on the same couch as me.

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