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Paris Hilton Responds To Baby Comments


Nov 10 2023 | 0 | by SierraL

2568490login-checkParis Hilton Responds To Baby Comments

Social media can be tough for a lot of people. You can be bullied or mocked for any reason. It’s hard for celebrities because there is an expectation that you’ll promote yourself or be in the public eye. One thing that I thought was unacceptable were the rude comments from people when Paris Hilton showed a picture of herself with her baby on social media. There were people who remarked that the baby’s head is too big, etc. How can you mock or make comments about someone’s baby?

Maybe people don’t agree with me but I am continuously shocked that people say such negative comments about the way people look, especially babies.

In the news we’ve seen so many people harm themselves after being bullied or mocked on the internet. It is not good for mental health. Something about social media is going overboard and causing lots of pain. It is bad for a person’s health. I hope that people understand that if comments are super rude they can cause some serious harm. Poor mental health leads to poor physical health.

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