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Medications and Dizziness


Nov 20 2022 | 0 | by Barryman

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I’ve had dizzy spells for a while and I could never quite figure out why. I visited the doctor and she asked me a lot of questions so we could determine the cause. Some of the things we talked about were low iron levels, low blood sugar, motion sickness, and migraines. But when we got to medications, we found the culprit. I take medicine for high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. Why was it so hard for me to figure it out? The side effects are written on the insert and available online. But I was still looking for so many other things.

My advice is that if you are taking medications, pay close attention to the label. If you take medication in the evening that makes you drowsy, stay home and don’t drive. Watch a movie, etc. But realize that dizziness is a common side effect of a lot of medications and don’t let it surprise you if you start feeling like the room is spinning.

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