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How To Minimize Pores


Feb 07 2023 | 0 | by JL

2562150login-checkHow To Minimize Pores

I’ve always had large pores on my face. One person said I have “orange peel” skin. I love how people will blurt out your imperfections. My pores aren’t that bad but still, it bothers me. I’ve tried everything: micro needling, laser, peels, you name it. But then I read that there’s nothing you can do about large pores except tricks to make them look smaller. I am not a doctor, I’m just talking about my own experience. So if anyone else has had a different experience, that’s great. Anyway, I still have large pores. I’ve read that you should keep your skin clean, don’t go to bed with make up, etc. But what works the best for me is toner. Again, some doctors say not to use toner. But a neutral toner (I use Estee Lauder) that is not too strong works great for me. It seems like it tightens my pores. Then I put lotion on my face and then make up. It does indeed make my pores looks smaller.

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