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How To Correct Your Posture


Jul 22 2021 | 0 | by Josie

643260login-checkHow To Correct Your Posture

By the time my grandmother was in her 70’s, she walked with a completely curved posture and I often wonder if I will walk like that as well. My doctor gave me some feedback regarding posture correction methods. Good posture is about keeping your body in alignment. Unless you have scoliosis or something that prevents good posture, there are exercises to enforce good posture.

Here are the tips from my doctor:

Stand with a straight back, squared shoulders, chin up, chest out, stomach in. Try to draw a straight line from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee, to the middle of your ankle. The spine has two natural curves that you need to maintain. These are the curves found from the base of your head to your shoulders and the curve from the upper back to the base of the spine. When standing straight up, make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on your feet.

Keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Keep your shoulders squared. Pull your head back and up. Try not to push your head forward. When you’re lifting something heavy always bend at the knees, not the waist. Your back muscles are not designed for that, but your large leg and stomach muscles are.

Walk and sit with good posture as well. If you sit for long periods of time while doing work, get up and take a break periodically. Use a chair that is ergonomically correct for your desk. Go to a company that knows about back support if you need help selecting a chair or ask your doctor for a recommendation.

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