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How long should you wait in an emergency room?


Nov 06 2019 | 3 | by krattra

8600login-checkHow long should you wait in an emergency room?

My child was crying at home because she had what seemed like an ear infection. I took her to the hospital and waited hours without any help. I understand the hospitals are busy but it was absolutely ridiculous.

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Alex Jeffer
Alex Jeffer
2 years ago

I recently went to the emergency room with my 9 year old daughter. She was screaming and crying. She had just broken her arm. I didn’t know her arm was broken but I knew she hurt herself severely. We checked in and even with my daughter screaming, the first point of business was our health insurance. Did we have it, could they see my card, could we sign away to make sure the hospital wasn’t responsible for anything other than immediate care, etc.

The receptionist coldly asked my daughter to come back after waiting a bit but it was only to take her temperature and blood pressure. I explained that we needed to see a doctor right away. My daughter was in so much pain. But the hospital said we had to wait for our turn. I wondered if children were given any kind of preference and I kept pushing the admitting clerk to let my daughter in as soon as possible.

I tried to find out if there was another hospital nearby that we could go to but I thought we would have to wait there as well and lose our place in line. I thought of going outside and calling an ambulance to get immediate attention in the hospital. Judging by the greeting at the emergency room, they would have called the police.

I instead kept going up to the reception area and asking when it would be our turn.
I told them my daughter was in severe pain and it looked like she would black out.
I asked if children had preference in the waiting room and they said no. My daughter became louder and we sat closer to the reception area. She was crying in pain.

After at least an hour we were called in and of course her arm was broken. I cannot imagine that kind of pain. I was so upset about the wait. And before we left the hospital they had us sign lots of forms so that we would promise to pay and be liable for the visit.
I don’t know what it takes for the hospital to determine that a case is an emergency.
I am going to look at reviews for hospitals before I go to a certain hospital. The least they could do is hire friendly people in the admitting area.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alex Jeffer

I’m sorry. That’s horrifying.

Alex Jeffer
Alex Jeffer
2 years ago
Reply to  d

I know. It was terrible.

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