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Does Insurance Cover Ultrasound for Dense Breasts?


Oct 11 2022 | 2 | by MaryLee

2560950login-checkDoes Insurance Cover Ultrasound for Dense Breasts?

Recently I listened to Katie Couric talk about how she had breast cancer and one of the things she is now trying to do is make people aware of how important mammograms are. The other thing she talked about is dense breasts (or dense breast tissue). I can relate because I got a mammogram and then my doctor ordered an ultrasound after that due to dense breasts. What that means is that the radiologist can’t always detect cancer due to dense breasts.

The problem is insurance. My insurance company is still fighting with the hospital and they won’t pay after months. Katie Couric is working with congress to get a bill passed so that all states will require payment for additional radiology procedures due to dense breasts. If my insurance company doesn’t pay, the bill is thousands of dollars. It is really sad.

Everyone should follow a hopeful new bill that allows women to get an ultrasound for dense breasts in addition to a mammogram. Let’s see what happens.

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22 days ago

It’s worth it to pay even if your insurance company won’t because if you have dense breasts they can’t see everything. It’s not worth risking cancer.
But yes it is ridiculous to pay these kinds of fees for PREVENTIVE care

23 days ago

My insurance company didn’t cover it and it’s so senseless because if the radiologist can’t give me a clear reading then I have to have ultrasound. I don’t know why they don’t cover it. I am on a monthly payment plan because it’s so expensive at least at the hospital where I went

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