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Do Genetics Influence Ability to Withstand Surgery?

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Apr 01 2020 | 1 | by Bathy Reits

11190login-checkDo Genetics Influence Ability to Withstand Surgery?

I recognize there are many different types of surgeries, and so I don’t want to overgeneralize, but I have been very prone to injury during surgery throughout my life. There hasn’t been anything extremely major, but I am always told that the time it takes me to recover post-surgery is far above the norm. As a mother, this has me worried that my child will suffer the same problems after receiving surgery. Is there a genetic element to this at all? Please tell me I’m worrying for no good reason.

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1 year ago

That is a very broad question. I am not sure what kind of surgery specifically that you are referring to. For information about genes, go to There is also the question of environment and how you take care of yourself especially after surgery. Additionally, if it is a risky surgery you might take longer to recover. Do people around you tell you it takes longer to recover or is it the doctor who tells you that?I would speak to a doctor after each surgery with these questions. Someone who has your health history and knows the complexity of the surgery. It is too broad of a question to answer from an average person. Also, lots of people say they recover faster than they actually do.

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