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Decorative Walking Canes After Injury


Nov 04 2022 | 0 | by Jana5

2561270login-checkDecorative Walking Canes After Injury

I admit that I don’t want to use a cane but after a hip injury I had trouble walking. So at first, I thought about how awful it would be to walk around with the cane the hospital gave me. It felt so boring. So I started doing some research and there are tons of interesting and decorative canes. There are different ones for whatever kind of event you are attending or just for everyday use. I have one with my favorite sports team on it and I’m always able to strike up a conversation with that one.

Sometimes I match my outfit. I also have a gold cane for going out to dinner. I always get compliments. I know it sounds crazy but it looks more like I’m having fun than injured. I recommend that anyone who feels bad about being injured to go out and get a collection of canes! You can also find them online.

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