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Bladder Incontinence


Feb 20 2021 | 1 | by Tiger

18840login-checkBladder Incontinence

I have bladder leakage and it is so embarrassing. I want to go to the Urologist but I hate talking about it.
I am not sure if I like some of the solutions I have read about: Medication for overactive bladder, an injection of botox into the lining of the bladder (ouch), surgery to insert a mesh to press against your urethra. I have tried kegel exercises but it has not helped much so far. I wonder if I should just live with it.

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12 days ago

Honestly, you should see a Urologist. They get so many patients with the same problem and it’s no big deal. I went to a Urologist and he had me keep a diary, then he suggested lifestyle changes and I might go on medication.

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