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Anxiety in Young Teens and Adults


Nov 24 2021 | 1 | by Eloise

2218850login-checkAnxiety in Young Teens and Adults

My child was the most beautiful baby and I thought that he was perfect when he was born. The nurses called him “handsome.” In school, the teachers thought he was exceptionally bright. But as time went on, I noticed something wasn’t right. He was very sensitive and cried a lot. He got frustrated a lot. As he got older, he was an ultra-high achiever but it masked his feelings. By staying busy, he didn’t have to socialize. He used studying as an excuse not to socialize. I took him to the doctor but it seemed like a generic visit. The doctor told me it was normal for teenagers and he saw a lot of them.

I started searching for specific mental health forums and I found New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell. There I read so many stories about teens and young adults. Some of the issues that lead to anxiety are OCD, being a perfectionist, body image, etc. Reading the stories made me feel that my son isn’t alone. He worries constantly about things that most likely will never happen. I read about that as well. Having a connection with others is important who are going through the same thing.

According to New York-Presbyterian, anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorder in the United States. The highest risk for developing anxiety occurs between childhood and young adulthood. About one in five teens and young adults between the ages of 16 and 28 have had an anxiety disorder in the past year. Some become so severe that they can cripple normal life and relationships. In fact, suicide is not uncommon. See for more information. I hope this helps others.

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8 months ago

It is so sad to see the anxiety and many issues that young people face

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