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Am I oversupplementing my thyroid?


Jul 17 2022 | 0 | by Ester

2559990login-checkAm I oversupplementing my thyroid?

I’ve frequently wondered if the medicine I take to supplement my thyroid is the correct dose. I’ve been taking thyroid medication for many years since a doctor initially diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. But through the years I’ve been to a thyroid specialist who added Cytomel, then several doctors who said my dose is fine after looking at my blood test results.

But my current doctor whom I’ve been seeing for about six years has slowly lowered the dosage of my thyroid medication and she says my thyroid is being over-supplemented. She is the only doctor who has lowered the dose.

It is hard to tell why different doctors have different opinions. Things also change medically as you age or under different circumstances. But I am following the orders of my current doctor and I have been decreasing the dosage.

Here is what I’ve read from the Cleveland Clinic:

Overtreatment places you at risk of developing heart arrhythmias and osteoporosis a low bone-mass disorder that leads to easy fracturing. One study even reported that overtreatment is associated with increased cardiovascular risk.

Symptoms of mild overtreatment include:

Feeling hot or shaky

Heart palpitations.
Difficulty falling asleep.
Excessive sweating.

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