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Acne and Acne Scarring


Mar 19 2020 | 1 | by StellaB

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My experience with acne and acne scarring

When I was in my teens, I developed terrible acne. Unfortunately, at that time there were few remedies. Doctors prescribed antibiotics and even prednisone. Long term these couldn’t have been good for your body. They also had certain topical remedies, mostly with salicylic acid. Then came benzoyl peroxide and that was supposed to be the latest and greatest. Meanwhile, I, as well as many other teenagers, walked around with terrible acne that didn’t always respond as well as one would hope. In time, scarring appeared to make matters worse.

After a while, doctors started coming up with some new ways to fight acne. Tretinoin (Retin-A) was discovered and it was considered a miracle drug. It did indeed work. It was offered as a topical regimen and then there was Accutane. That was taken internally as a pill. There were side effects and many instructions during use but after a course of Accutane skin looked much better. I did three courses because acne can come back.

Eventually, I wanted to do something about scarring so I had dermabrasion, CO2 laser, PRP with micro-needling and various injections. I might add that I also had many “acne facials” to open up pores and improve the skin as well. Even with all of that, I will never have the kind of skin that can be photographed well and I always try to stay away from fluorescent lights when I’m talking to someone. I will forever be self-conscious. But it was definitely an improvement and I would do it again.

I have three children. Two barely have any acne and one has the same kind of acne I had (the worst). My husband never had acne in his life so I guess that’s why one in three has bad acne. My teenage son says he doesn’t care and I have to drag him to the dermatologist. His girlfriend thinks he’s gorgeous no matter what (fortunate for him)!

However, I think that down the road he will regret having scars. The dermatologist agrees with me. He is undergoing Myorisan (internal pills) and it’s starting to work. He might want to use a laser in the future for light scarring but it will be much better than what I went through.

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2 years ago

I used a combination of retinoid and benzoyl peroxide and it works. But I don’t have super bad acne. I remember when they used to put people under heat lamps. Now they do the blue light treatment.

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