Can Genetic Factors Lead To A Longer Life?

Can Genetic Factors Lead To A Longer Life?


07 Jan 2022 | 0 | by kjh

2405630login-checkCan Genetic Factors Lead To A Longer Life?

Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Institute for Aging Research has been performing a study to help better understand healthy aging and prevent age-related diseases.  Phase 1 of the study has been completed and here are the findings:

  • Longevity is highly correlated to high HDL (“good”) and low LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels
  • Mutations in cholesterol genes are associated with longevity and the prevention of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Mutations in a growth hormone gene is associated with longevity
  • Subjects with a certain genetic makeup live on average 4 years longer than those without
  • Longevity is highly likely to be inherited from generation to generation

With funding from the National Institute of Aging and the Glenn Foundation, Dr. Nir Barzilai is leading the research to determine the role of genes in exceptional longevity. This is a fascinating study and will hopefully provide insight into longevity. Although the study examines one group of people, it is a start in examining many different groups of people in the future.

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