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University of Miami Receives A Large Donation for Physical Therapy Students

26 Nov 2022 | 0 | by kjh

2561640login-checkUniversity of Miami Receives A Large Donation for Physical Therapy Students

The University of Miami has one of the most highly regarded Physical Therapy departments in the U.S.  Recently the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine received a substantial donation for their physical therapy program.

Veterans Colonel Thomas Duquette, B.S. ’83, M.S., and his wife, Lieutenant Colonel Sherri Maxwell, O.D. wanted to give back so they made a significant donation to create the Colonel Thomas Duquette and Lieutenant Colonel Sherri Maxwell Endowed Scholarship that will support veteran students pursuing a degree in the field.

Colonel Duquette says, “Physical therapy is a rigorous program that can require summer semesters to graduate on time, but the GI Bill doesn’t provide coverage during that period,” said Duquette. “This scholarship is meant to help fill in that gap in funding for these students. We are so honored to be helping veterans who are starting out their career in this rewarding field.”

Fun fact:  Colonel Thomas Duquette and his wife Lieutenant Colonel Sherri Maxwell are retired and raise alpacas at their Texas ranch. If you are a military veteran and you are interested in more information about a scholarship at U Miami School of Physical Therapy visit:


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