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Traveling? Hotels With In-Room Fitness

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25 May 2022 | 0 | by kjh

2559470login-checkTraveling? Hotels With In-Room Fitness

Do you travel a lot and find that you don’t want to go to the “fitness center” at the hotel?  Many people want to relax in their room after work or during the day.  Not everyone wants to go to a group fitness center, especially in light of COVID and other illnesses.  Here are some hotels that offer in-room fitness:

Hilton Hotel:

With Five Feet to Fitness, you can work out in the privacy of your room with over 11 different fitness equipment and accessory options.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel:

Mandarin Oriental collaborates with Grokker for comprehensive wellness expertise and activities that guests can easily access from the comfort of their room or suite. A selection of Grokker’s fitness, yoga, meditation, and pilates videos can be viewed at Mandarin Oriental destinations globally.



The Vitality Room is a serene and stylish sanctuary for guests.  Guests have a choice of three training modules. Space efficient and compact, it features simple, self-explanatory equipment, as well as a cyber-trainer, offering guests a productive, personalized workout within the privacy of their guestroom. For rehydration and replenishment, a refreshment center offers energizing Vitality snacks and drinks, made with fruits and superfoods, often with a local twist.  Visit:

Westin Hotel:

Westin Hotel is part of the Marriott Hotel chain and has become very focused on wellness. The Peloton exercise bike is available in select hotel rooms.  See

Peninsula Hotel:

Peninsula Hotel’s Wellness Portal and 24-hour Wellness Concierge service allows you to work out at your own pace in the privacy of your room with guided video routines and in-room equipment. As part of the program, all Peninsula hotels will provide delivery of in-room fitness gear by request. This includes Life Fitness indoor cycling equipment. 



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