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The Small Wonders Foundation and Pediatric Surgery


11 Jul 2022 | 1 | by kjh

2559940login-checkThe Small Wonders Foundation and Pediatric Surgery

One little girl named Alexis LaGrega was very fortunate to be in contact with the Small Wonders Foundation, which helps children born with facial differences get reconstructive surgery.  Recently, Dr. John Reinisch, a pediatric plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA performed surgery on Alexis so she could have a new ear. Alexis had a congenital deformity called Microtia and did not have a fully formed right ear. Dr. Reinisch explained that the new ear comes from a polyethylene mold covered with tissue taken from under the scalp. 

Since 2005 Small Wonders has provided assistance to families seeking life-changing craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgeries for their children when they otherwise could not afford such specialized treatment. Small Wonders partners with Dr. Reinisch, a world-renowned surgeon with over 40 years of experience and pioneered many procedures for children. Families often do not have access to a surgeon as skilled or progressive as Dr. Reinisch or have been denied coverage for the procedure by their insurance company. When families find themselves short of funds for the necessary procedures, Small Wonders is able to step in and help fund these life-changing surgeries.

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19 days ago

Heartwarming story.

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