The robot-assisted surgery for epilepsy that changed one man’s life


22 Mar 2020 | 0 | by kjh

10470login-checkThe robot-assisted surgery for epilepsy that changed one man’s life

If you have suffered most of your life from epilepsy like Roy Reynosa you would be overjoyed to find new robot-assisted surgery to eliminate epileptic seizures.  Roy Reynosa, 22 of Taft, CA has suffered from seizures since he was 12 years old. Roy took seizure medications his whole life. Still, even with medication, one can feel anxious about a seizure coming on at any time.  It limits one’s ability to work, travel, attend, school, etc. Many people don’t know that the famous musician, Neil Young suffered from epilepsy and there were times when his performances were cut short.  

Roy Reynosa went to Keck Hospital at USC and underwent brain surgery with a specialized robotic surgical assistant.  This new surgery is finally giving brain surgery patients new hope. Keck Hospital USC is the first hospital in Los Angeles County to perform this type of surgery and use the robot.  The procedure that Roy Reynosa underwent is called stereo-EEG. Neurosurgeon Brian Lee, MD, PhD used the robotic assistant to surgically place electrodes in Roy’s brain to identify which part of the brain was the source of his seizures.  Normally this procedure would have taken 6-8 hours but it only took two hours with the robotic assistant. The physician was able to determine where Roy’s seizures came from.  Dr. Lee destroyed the areas of the brain responsible for the seizures and now Roy Reynosa is free of seizures.


This is an amazing advancement in brain surgery for so many people who suffer from epilepsy. Anyone who has suffered from epilepsy or cared for a loved one knows the effects it has on one’s life.


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