Mexico’s Addiction To Coca-Cola

Mexico’s Addiction To Coca-Cola


11 Dec 2021 | 2 | by kjh

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In Mexico, sales of Coca-Cola are a dream for shareholders.  In many areas, consumers have turned to other beverages in the rising health-conscious market. But Mexico is in love with Coca-Cola.  And not the diet kind.  The sugary kind of Coca-Cola. According to Unreported World (Channel 4 British PBS), people in the state of Chiapas Mexico drink the most Coca-Cola and it is more readily available than water.  Children start drinking Coca-Cola at a very young age.  Health officials have called Chiapas a diabetes emergency.  More sugary drinks are consumed there than anywhere else in the world.  And that means more deaths.  Here, diabetes is the second leading cause of death after heart disease.  Obesity in Mexico is rampant.

Coca-Cola says that they are doing their part to offer less sugar in their drink and not to promote their drink to children.  It’s not just Coca-Cola that is addictive to the population.  Sugary snacks and other drinks are also appealing to the population.  Education is key.  Much of the population in Mexico and in many other countries are not aware of the health dangers of too much sugar.  

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1 year ago

There is a lot of obesity in the U.S. today and sugary snacks and drinks are readily available

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