Keri Sprung Saved By Texas Heart Institute


04 Apr 2024 | 0 | by kjh

2570710login-checkKeri Sprung Saved By Texas Heart Institute

Keri Sprung is the Vice President for Education, and the Director of the Women’s Center at The Texas Heart Institute.  So when she started having unusual symptoms, it was fortunate that she could ask one of her colleagues at work about her symptoms.  Keri had an excruciating headache, a tense neck, and vertigo (dizziness).  She thought it was due to stress and that maybe she wasn’t sleeping well. She had also recovered from COVID.  When Dr. Stephanie Coulter heard about her symptoms, she pulled out her stethoscope and listened to Keri’s artery.  Dr. Coulter said that Keri had spontaneous carotid artery dissection (SCAD).

The Texas Heart Institute sprung into action and rendered assistance for Keri’s life threatening condition.  She had a splint put in and it opened up the blockage.  The dangerous situation that Keri Sprung experienced could have resulted in a stroke or death.  That is why it is extremely important to get medical advice for any unusual symptoms.  

Dr. Stephanie Coulter and Dr. Zvonimir Krajcer, both of The Texas Heart Institute, have spoken extensively about the urgency in getting checked when symptoms appear.  In fact,  Dr. Coulter and her clinical research team at The Texas Heart Institute’s Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health has joined the North American Registry for Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD).  FMD is closely related to Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD).  These two conditions predominantly affect women.

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