JK Community Farm Helps Those With Food Insecurity

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14 Feb 2024 | 0 | by kjh

2570080login-checkJK Community Farm Helps Those With Food Insecurity

In Purcellville, Virginia, JK Community Farm has been producing food for organizations and individuals for five years who face food insecurity. The 150 acre farm is run mostly by volunteers. So far, the farm has donated one million pounds of food produced on the farm to local food assistance partners in the regional area (Washington D.C. and Virginia).  JK Community Farm recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary. It is the nation’s largest chemical-free community farm.

While there are other organizations that donate food to those in need, much of the food is high in salt, fat, and sugar and has been highly processed.  At JK Community Farm, the food that is donated promotes good health. Healthy food lowers the risk of many diet related chronic diseases.

Another benefit of the JK Community Farm is that it teaches kids how to grow food on a farm and how to focus on healthy eating choices during their lifetime.  The farm developed a food education program to help kids and their families understand the connection between soil, plants, people, and health.  There is an educational field trip hosted by the farm for kids of all ages.  Additionally, there is a Corporate Team Building Program that offers a service-learning opportunity for groups of all ages.

As a fun fact, the farm regularly surveys the people and partners it serves, and the No. 1 requested item is peppers.  The farm produces 56 varieties of produce.

Chuck Kuhn’s JK Moving Services is a major donor. In fact, the farm is on land owned by JK Moving Services’ founder, Chuck Kuhn. The farm’s other big donors include Trust Bank, Charlson Bredehoft Cohen & Brown, Joseph E. Roberts Charitable Trust, Joyce Van Lines and Virginia Easement Exchange.
The farm is open to the public.  For more information visit:


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