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Tattoo Removal


Mar 24 2023 | 0 | by Otis

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If you’re getting a tattoo, I would be very careful to make sure it’s definitely something you want. I got a lot of tattoos but some are distasteful to me now so I had to remove them. Think about whether you’d still like the tattoo many years from now. What I thought was cool at 19 is not as cool at 50. As your skin ages too the tattoos don’t look as good.

I will tell you about my experience with tattoo removal. I tried a tattoo removal cream at first but it didn’t seem to work that well. Then I tried laser removal. It takes several sessions (for me, I did 7 sessions). My tattoo was removed but remember the skin won’t look perfect afterward. It can look like a scar. A lot of people ask me if tattoo removal hurts. You can get a topical anesthetic and you can take a pain reliever. But I would say that it still hurts. That’s just me and everyone has a different tolerance to pain.

Keep in mind that not all tattoos can be removed completely. It depends on the tattoo, inks used, etc. And when you do laser, you have to let some time go by between sessions so your skin can heal. Overall I would say be careful about the tattoos you get because tattoo removal is an involved process. It is also expensive.

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