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Should You Volunteer After Retiring?


Jan 05 2024 | 1 | by GordonL

2569470login-checkShould You Volunteer After Retiring?

I retired about a year ago and I thought it would be a good idea to volunteer. I wanted to have a social circle and at the same time help out at a hospital. I think that volunteering depends on the position and the person. When I offered to volunteer, I felt that the manager looked at me as extra help, rather than a real asset. What I mean by that is that she was glad that I would provide extra help but I didn’t feel special.

When I received my schedule to volunteer, I was given an assignment for the gift shop at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday and Wednesday. I was annoyed about such an early shift but I thought I would try it out before complaining. Once I started working, I met other volunteers. They did not seem that happy with their jobs and I got the feeling that I was given the early shift that no one wanted. I was also assigned to help out in the emergency room. It was hectic, stressful and the doctors were clearly not happy to have volunteers around. I resigned after a few weeks.

The other volunteer opportunity I engaged in was at a nursing home. That might seem odd but I thought that I might help people who were lonely or needed someone to talk to. It didn’t turn out well. I became the person who everyone wanted to complain to and I felt that I was abused in a way because a lot of people were miserable and wanted to tell me how unhappy they were. I became very depressed. It takes a professional to deal with people who are in a situation that I couldn’t control or help out with.

I am looking for another opportunity. My advice is that if you want to volunteer, you must find something that makes you feel good and where you feel appreciated. Also the people around you must be upbeat or they will bring you down. Volunteering is something that should make your life happy and make you feel good when you have the ability to help instead of working for money where you are at the mercy of your boss. Volunteering should be good for your health, not a detriment.

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4 months ago

It is good that you quit both volunteering opportunities when it wasn’t working. Don’t stay anywhere that it unpleasant or doesn’t make you feel good. This is your time and you can choose to volunteer wherever you want. There will be a place that will be ecstatic to have you and where you enjoy what you’re doing.

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