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Is your surgeon rude?

Internal Medicine

May 08 2020 | 1 | by Snow

14560login-checkIs your surgeon rude?

A study conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that surgeons who had the most complaints from patients and families about rude and disrespectful behavior had higher rates of bad outcomes from surgery. That’s because those doctors’ personalities not only rub patients and families the wrong way, but they make work unpleasant for colleagues in the operating room and make it harder for other members of the surgical team to work. Patients receiving care from surgeons with high numbers of complaints saw almost 14% more surgical and medical complications in the 30 days after their operations. One of the researchers estimated that these ill-natured surgeons could be responsible for more than 350,000 post-surgical complications, including infections, every year.

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2 years ago

That makes sense. I heard my surgeon yelling at his nurse and his staff seems miserable.

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