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Dealing with Menopause

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jan 30 2024 | 0 | by JennyS

2569890login-checkDealing with Menopause

I don’t have as many issues with menopause as I thought I would. But one thing that has been a problem for years is painful intercourse. My previous physician gave me a prescription for estrogen and it was no help at all. Then my next physician suggested I go through expensive laser treatments. I didn’t see a difference. Then I went to a third physician. All were board certified OB-GYN doctors. The third physician gave me a different prescription for estradiol and there was a huge difference. It was a higher dosage but not too high and it has been a miracle for me. That is why I suggest getting other opinions when your needs are not being met. I discussed the fact that the treatment wasn’t working with my first two doctors and they had no alternative solution.

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