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Are Emergency Rooms Overcrowded?

Emergency Medicine

Nov 28 2023 | 1 | by KellyB

2568880login-checkAre Emergency Rooms Overcrowded?

I really wonder if there is enough room for patients in emergency rooms. I don’t know about different parts of the country. But I took my mother to the emergency room and we waited for four hours. It was absolutely packed. Do you leave and go somewhere else and then risk having to wait in line somewhere else? I think that one of these days one of my family members will die while waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room.

Aside from waiting, it is so difficult to hear coughing, crying, moaning and other noises from people who are suffering just to see a doctor. I wanted to go to urgent care but for my mother the situation was too serious. We eventually left and went back the next morning. We waited hours as well but we had no choice but to stay. It was awful. I wonder if a lot of cities have overcrowded emergency departments.

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5 months ago

I know how you feel. I have waited so long in emergency rooms. The urgent care doesn’t always have the right equipment such as X-ray machines, etc. And if you need to be admitted, you have to go to a hospital. Anyway, it’s crazy. There are too many people.

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