Can having a pet help your health?

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10 Apr 2020 | 2 | by kjh

11600login-checkCan having a pet help your health?

Numerous studies have indicated that animals are wonderful for helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and many other psychological and physical problems. Animals are great at showing their love, concern, and devotion to their owner. If you look at the movie, Hachi with Richard Gere, you will be amazed at the dog that follows him around and continues to long for him after his death.

Pets can lower stress-related conditions and in turn help with health issues such as high blood pressure, and even increased survival time after a heart attack. The benefits are abundant for those who have pets. If you cannot have a pet at your home, try going to a place that does have pets. Even watching fish in an aquarium can relieve stress. Going on a walk is not only good exercise, but you’ll meet numerous dogs on the way.

If you love birds, putting out a birdbath or food is enormous fun. The birds put on quite a show and it’s fun to watch. If you are recovering from surgery, having a pet is very reassuring.
For companionship or just to watch, animals are wonderful.

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9 months ago

I could not live without my little dog to comfort me each day

2 years ago

I remember the late Joan Rivers talked about how she felt suicidal after her husband died. Then she looked down at her dog whom she loved and thought that no one would take care of her dog if she died. Even though that is simplistic, what she meant was that she had a deep bond with the dog that saved her life.

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