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Newborn Heart Surgery: Quality of care is not the same at all hospitals

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs, of the Society of Thoracic Surgeon’s National Database Workforce has said: "The quality of care is not the same at all hospitals that provide pediatric cardiac surgery.”

Mar 17 2020 | 0 | status: publish
Does your insurance company really want you to go to the emergency room?

Recently I took my son to the emergency room during the weekend, on Saturday. On the previous Friday, we went to the doctor because he had serious symptoms such as headache, blurry vision,

Mar 15 2020 | 2 | status: publish
What makes a good plastic surgeon?

You probably see ads all the time for plastic surgery.  TV appearances where doctors promote their services, ads on the internet, special deals on Groupon, even billboards and banners. 

Mar 14 2020 | 0 | status: publish
Are you getting a pelvic exam while under anesthesia?

What if you woke up from anesthesia and discovered that you were being given a pelvic exam by a doctor or intern in training? 

Feb 22 2020 | 2 | status: publish
Are there too few specialists performing endocrine procedures?

According to UCLA Health, surgeons whose practice is made up of less than 25% endocrine procedures perform approximately 80% of all endocrine operations in the United States.  This is due to the relative scarcity of endocrine surgery expertise in many populated areas; the bulk of endocrine operations are performed by individuals without a specific interest in the field.  Th

Jan 29 2020 | 0 | status: publish
What If You Can’t Pay for Surgery?

A doctor in Nebraska has a solution if you can’t afford to pay for surgery. Dr. Demetrio Aguila is allowing patients to pay off their medical bills with hours of volunteer work.  He set up a time-based system of billing that allows his clinic to set reasonable and predictable prices.  Then he can determine how much volunteering a

Jan 25 2020 | 0 | status: publish