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New Hope for Acne? HT-003 Treatment

There is exciting research being done at Hoth Therapeutics in conjunction with Weil Cornell Medicine.  Those suffering from acne will be glad to know that HT-003 is being studied for efficacy and saf

Feb 15 2021 | 0 | status: publish
The New Artificial Kidney: UCLA Doctor Ira Kurtz

Dr. Ira Kurtz and others at UCLA Health are in the process of developing an amazing device that could save the lives of so many people waiting for a kidney transplant.

Feb 04 2021 | 1 | status: publish
Knee Osteoarthritis and Surgery

According to the Noyes Knee Institute, in 2005, approximately 27 million adults in the U.S. had osteoarthritis (in either the knees, hips, hands, or spine). By 2030, the number of adults with arthriti

Feb 03 2021 | 0 | status: publish
Susan Lucci and

Actress Susan Lucci remembers feeling a tightness in her chest but she thought maybe she was just tired.  Another time she felt pain radiating around her rib cage and overlooked it.  But the third t

Jan 24 2021 | 2 | status: publish
Is Changing Your Eye Color Dangerous?

The risks of permanently changing one’s eye color with surgery include loss of cornea, cataracts, inflammation inside of the eye, and a severe form of glaucoma that can lead to blindness.

Jan 17 2021 | 1 | status: publish
Can Cancer Cells Be Transferred From Mother to Baby?

In Japan, two infants who were born to mothers with cervical cancer may have developed lung cancer. Researchers at the National Cancer Center in Japan, believe that the newborns ingested amniotic flui

Jan 16 2021 | 0 | status: publish
Health Risks for People of Asian Descent

The Center for Health Research and Education at Stanford University has identified certain health problems that people of Asian descent might not be aware of.  Here are some health risks that have been identified: Gout: Those of Chinese descent can have a serious skin reaction when using the

Jan 11 2021 | 0 | status: publish
Tom Everhart, Snoopy Painter: Stage 4 Cancer

Tom Everhart is famous for his collaboration with Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip.  In Tom’s studio in Venice, California he paints beautiful pictures of the Peanuts gang and

Dec 30 2020 | 1 | status: publish
Understanding Kidney Stones

Half a million Americans go to the emergency room annually for kidney stone issues, and one in every 10 people in the United States will develop a kidney stone during his or her lifetime.

Dec 18 2020 | 1 | status: publish
Why Kevin Hines Regrets Jumping Off The Golden Gate Bridge

When Kevin Hines was 19 years old, he took the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco so that he could commit suicide.  He looked over the bridge at the water, he walked around for about 40 m

Dec 17 2020 | 1 | status: publish

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