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Patrick Hollon Was Sent To Jail Instead Of The Hospital

Patrick Hollon got a real surprise when he was ill and needed to go to the hospital.  While working at his job in a plastics plant, he felt dizzy and ill enough that his co-workers called an ambulance thinking that it was a heat stroke.  It was 94 degrees in Frankfort, Kentucky and there was a heat wave in June 2022. When Patrick ar

Sep 21 2022 | 1 | status: publish
Which Commercial Sanitizers Work Against Norovirus?

The American Society for Microbiology recently published a study about the efficacy of commercial surface sanitizers against Norovirus on formica surfaces with and without inclusion of a wiping step. The authors found that commonly used surface sanitizers often lack activity against human noroviruses (hNoVs). Sep 20 2022 | 0 | status: publish

A Mini-Donkey Is Saved With A Pacemaker

At Cornell University Hospital for Animals, a miniature donkey was fortunate to receive a pacemaker.  It is the first surgery of its kind in large animal species at Cornell.  The donkey named Nix had a potentially fatal heart condition and veterinarians feared his situation would get worse.  If so, he could have a painful death. There are a few mini donkeys around the worl

Sep 11 2022 | 2 | status: publish
Understanding the Teenage Brain

Do you ever wonder why you can’t figure out how your teenager makes decisions?  Why do they argue with you when your wisdom tells you that you are probably right?  Well, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, adolescents differ from adults in the way they behave, solve proble

Sep 05 2022 | 0 | status: publish
How BBC Journalist Sarah Lee's Skin Cancer Was Misdiagnosed

Sarah Lee is a 29-year-old BBC journalist who found out she had stage 3 melanoma.  How did she find out?  Well, first of all, she took a picture of her scalp because she was trying to see if she needed a hair color appointment.  That’s when she noticed a small black mole on her scalp. Sep 02 2022 | 0 | status: publish

Sun Safety Program For Kids

Dr. Amy Brodsky founded Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation, Inc. (PSPF), a philanthropic endeavor born out of her passion for skin cancer prevention and desire to educate others about effective sun protection for children. Most recently, Dr. Brodsky founded The Sun Hero Program and has partnered with Cerave and LaRoche Posay with a miss

Aug 17 2022 | 0 | status: publish
Is Your Job Ruining Your Mental Health?

Indeed is an online service that many people use when they are looking for a job.  Recently they performed a study in partnership with Born This Way Foundation and conducted by Benenson Strategy Group. The study revealed that a third of 18- to 29-year-olds have quit a job to support their mental health According to the survey, only 5

Aug 17 2022 | 2 | status: publish
What Are The Signs Of Dementia?

Many people wonder about the signs of dementia as well as its symptoms. Since dementia is not a specific disease, its signs and symptoms vary widely depending on the person.  Readementia is an online resource for dementia and they have identified the follow

Aug 04 2022 | 0 | status: publish
Memories of Cliff Robertson: How Being Humble Helps Your Life

Cliff Robertson was a prolific actor who worked in film, television, and theatre. He worked with Jane Fonda in “Sunday in New York,” Joan Crawford in “Autumn Leaves,” and Robert Redford in “Three Days of the Condor.”  He won an Academy Award for the movie, “Charly” in 1968.  He also played Uncle Ben in the movie, “Spiderman” with Tobey Maguire. Aug 04 2022 | 1 | status: publish

Is A Deviated Septum Covered By Insurance?

You may have friends who say they had a deviated septum so they needed plastic surgery.  But then you wonder to yourself, “maybe they’re just saying that and really just had a cosmetic procedure.”  Well, actually it’s not that easy in terms of insurance coverage. There are two types of plastic surgery for the nose: reconstructi

Aug 01 2022 | 0 | status: publish

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