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Why Knitting Is Good For Your Health

I love to knit and it keeps me alert and challenges me to make a piece of clothing that I’m proud of. So I was curious to find out if there are health benefits. Here’s what I found: According to the Benson-Henry Institute at Mass General, knitting has been shown to help stave off mild cognitive impairment, the decline in the power of perception: thinking, reasoning, and remembering. International re

Jul 20 2022 | 0 | status: publish
How I Survived Ovarian Cancer
Oncology (Cancer)

I remember that I had passed menopause and yet I was bleeding. I went to my family doctor. She did an ultrasound and said everything was fine. However, I kept bleeding. So I went to a gynecologist. After thorough testing, she discovered I had ovarian cancer. For me, I am a survivor. I had surgery and I had stage 1 ovarian cancer. But I cannot say enough about taking symptoms seriously even if you don

Mar 14 2022 | 0 | status: publish
Should You Have A Defibrillator At Home?

An AED is an automated external defibrillator. If you’ve watched t.v. shows, especially hospital/medical shows, you’ll see medical personnel applying pads to a patient’s chest. Then they give the patient a “shock” or jolt of electricity. This is hopefully to revive the heart. So, do you need one at home? That’s what I often wonder. My husband is at high risk for heart failure but there are pr

Nov 16 2021 | 0 | status: publish

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