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What's A Nuclear Stress Test Like?

My doctor asked me to do a Nuclear Stress test. I can tell you what it’s like and what to expect from my own experience. First of all, a nuclear stress test is ordered when your doctor wants to assess the blood flow to your heart muscle. Here is the definition: A radioactive isotope is injected through an IV and as a ‘tracer’ by going with your blood through your heart muscle. A special camera i

Apr 09 2022 | 0 | status: publish
How To Avoid Injuries From Running

Now that the weather has become nicer, I started running again. Last season, I sustained injuries so I am very careful this year. Here is advice from Dr. Rahul Kapur, a sports medicine physician at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine: Mix up your activities If you want to avoid an injury, Dr. Kapur recommends mixing in exercises to strengthen your core, hips, and quadriceps. These areas

May 08 2021 | 1 | status: publish
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Brain Tumors

George Bovis M.D. in Illinois incorporates the Gamma Knife as a minimally invasive way to treat brain tumors. After the Gamma Knife procedure, patients go home the same day. The treatment takes 30-45 minutes. The success rate for a small to medium rate tumor is about 95-98%. It delivers precise radiation to prevent the tumor from dividing. Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery is a noninvasive method of tre

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