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Is There A Shortage of Doctors?

I live in Los Angeles and I am not sure about all categories of doctors but I am wondering if there is a shortage of dermatologists. Recently I was traveling and I felt a large bump on the top of my head. I had it for several weeks but someone noticed it was really red and it was itching a lot. I was concerned so I called quite a few dermatologists in Los Angeles so that I could have an appointment when I c

Aug 21 2021 | 2 | status: publish
Does Your Nose Change Shape As You Age?
Plastic Surgery

I was looking through pictures of myself with friends and family. The first thing I noticed is that my nose looks much different as I’ve gotten older. It doesn’t look like the nose I had when I was younger. So I researched the nose and how it ages. Sure enough, I found a lot of information about how the nose changes shape as you age. When we age, the tip of the nose drops and gets longer due to gravi

Jun 12 2021 | 0 | status: publish
Is your surgeon rude?
Internal Medicine

A study conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that surgeons who had the most complaints from patients and families about rude and disrespectful behavior had higher rates of bad outcomes from surgery. That’s because those doctors’ personalities not only rub patients and families the wrong way, but they make work unpleasant for colleagues in the operating room and make it harder for othe

May 08 2020 | 1 | status: publish
Earlobe surgery for aging earlobes
Plastic Surgery

My earlobes droop a lot and I'm wondering if there is much satisfaction with earlobe surgery. I have worn heavy earrings for years and also I am older so they probably droop due to age. But my earlobes look really weird and I am self-conscious about them. Also, I don't have long hair to cover my ears so I'm starting to look like a clown. I've read that you can get a "loboplasty" or earlobe reshaping and

Apr 23 2020 | 2 | status: publish

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